Friday, July 8, 2011

Making Space

A friend of ours is trying to sell a car, but doesn't have room to keep it at her house, so we have been keeping it at ours as a neighborly thing to do. (It's a 2003 Taurus, gold, good condition, 117,000 miles, $3800 - in case you are interested.)

Anyway, it has been at our house for quite a while, in my prime parking spot next to the house, and I wanted my spot back. Yesterday, I took action...

I grabbed my trusty Stihl trimmer with the Hack-through-dense-brush-and-small-trees attachment, and went to work clearing a spot in the young pine forest that's growing in the side yard. For the trees too big for even the Stihl, I wrapped a tow chain around them and pulled them out - roots and all - with my 4-wheel drive. Heh heh heh. My neck gets redder and my man-card gets punched just thinking about it.

Rather quickly, I carved out a space big enough to comfortably park the Taurus. 
And even better, I can again park my truck in the driveway right up next to the house. It's nice, too, that my yard doesn't look like a parking lot.  You can't even see the Taurus from the road...  :)

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  1. now THIS is a good story! hahaha (i'm watchin' some swamp show on tv.....)'sall good...